LIATI - Love Is All There Is.

Love is the reason. Love is the answer to all questions. Love is who you are, who we all are.

A Light in the darkness

That is what our hearts are when we open to them. Heart symbols and shapes can be found everywhere, in nature, and all around us. Allow yourself to see them and use them. Let them be reminders to connect to and acknowledge your own heart. Let them be reminders that to experience Love and Joy is why we are here!

Love and and the symbols of Love are all around

And remember Love is what you are. Share Love whenever you can - and share it with You!

Two become One

True Love allows two to become one, yet remain themselves.

The Love Wave

Holding a vision for the World of Unconditional Love.

Reshaping the World with Love

When we view ourselves and others through our hearts, then we do reshape our world.

Join The Love Wave

We Love You - No conditions

Welcome to The Love Wave

Where you can find Love whenever you need it. And where you can find resources to help you stay ‘in Love’.

Because, We Love You:  Just as you are with no judgement, no conditions.

Yes –

  • Whoever you are

  • Wherever you are

  • Wherever you are from

  • Whatever you have done

  • Whatever you think you have done

  • Whatever you believe

  • Whenever you need Love

No Ifs, No Buts, No Conditions.

And we invite you to join us and spread Love to yourself, to those close to you, and around the world.

Now allow yourself to feel loved as you read some Love Notes from us to you.


A Love Note for You
To truly Love another is to allow them to exalt themselves, or to be whatever they can be and to accept them just as they are - always, and to allow their Soul journey to unfold without hindrance or judgement.
  Now- just go for it, be whatever your heart desires, and we will watch in awe - The Wave  

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Love Notes – for Lovers


Thank you for dropping by, we hope you can join us in Love every night at 8pm.