“Love Secrets”

Psst! want to know a Secret?

Shush ! don’t tell anyone, I am about to tell you some real secrets, some special ways you can use to help you on your quest,  some of the “secrets” you can use to keep you In Love, or bring you back into Love. You may well have heard some of these before and if not you will come across them many times on your journey.

  • We are all one, we are all infinitely connected.
  • Everything you do to another you do to yourself.
  • When you point a finger at someone, three point back at you.
  • Whatever quality you see in another you have within you.
  • You cannot change another, you can only change how you see them, how you perceive them.
  • Love thy neighbour AS thyself.
  • In every decision you have a choice: Love or Fear.
  • When there is Unconditional Love fear cannot exist.
  • Love is all there is.
  • Love is the ultimate healer.
  • To judge someone is to judge yourself.
  • There are no limits for Love.
  • Every action (whether perceived as good or bad) comes from Love or is a cry for Love.
  • Fear comes only when you look at the past, or look into the future.

And from the Reiki Principles (which are a huge part of my journey and a great guide on how to live life)

  • Just for today I let go of Fear
    • Just for today I let go of Anger
    • Just for today I let go of Worry
  • Just for today I am kind to every living thing
  • Just for today I am grateful for my many blessings
  • Just for today I do my work honestly


There are links coming for all of these and more !



Why secrets?

That would be telling –  you know what to do with themWink.

Now you have read them I can tell you:

Over my years as an engineer and trainer, I have found that people listen more intently, give more weight to things that are shared in a whisper, behind the hand. We seem for some reason to remember them more whilst often forgetting things that we have been told we ‘should’ remember. You heard it fromThe Wave.

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