Unconditional Love

In Loving Presence with You

We give you our Love – Unconditionally

We welcome you as our friend and invite you to know, that whatever the reason you are here, YOU are Loved.

“I Love You”  Three little words and three words of Power.

When you read I Love You on these pages, know that the message comes not only from us, it comes from the very source of life and Love. That place where we are all connected, where we are all one.  That place where we are all Love and only Love.

Now and whenever you hear or read those three little words, or when you say I Love You to someone else, feel the words, the real energy of the words, and allow The Love Wave to touch you, wash over you, flow through you, cleanse and revive you. Then allow The Love Wave to pass on, not diminished but reinforced with your own Love. – The Wave

What is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love could be called pure Love,  it is Love that says: I Love you, Whoever you are, Whatever you do, Whatever you say. It is Love without expectations and without judgement.

Unconditional Love says “I have no hold on you, if you wish, let my Love for you be the  wind beneath your wings, or the Love that allows you to be you, the Love that allows you just to be”.

Unconditional Love is what we all are at our core.  If we could let go of all our conditioning, all our beliefs, all our expectations, at our core  – in our soul we are Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is the ultimate healing power.

When we are in Unconditional Love it frees us from struggle, the struggle our ego perpetuates. It is the ego that prevents us from being Unconditional Love, and it is our ego that keeps us looking for Love, and at the same time has us put so many conditions on Love that it makes our search for Love everlasting. Unconditional Love is not something of the mind, Unconditional Love is something that lives in (and is) our very Being.

Is Unconditional Love Important?

Yes and No – importance is a concept of the ego, it is a concept that comes out of judgment. Unconditional Love is a state of being, Unconditional Love says – everything just is, there is no better, worse, more important, less important everything just is, and just accepts it.

The search for Love and Unconditional Love is at the root of many (if not all) of the self help, self improvement, spiritual books and workshops that are available. Some clearly identify this, others do not seem to and many of them are great sources of assistance to us wandering souls, or perhaps more correctly wandering physicals! who are trying to reconnect with who we really are, or are searching for meaning or real meaning in our lives.

Unconditional Love starts not without, but within ourselves. It starts with you accepting who you are, and not judging yourself. Once you can accept yourself just as you are every moment of every day, then accepting others just as they are, is easy!

Connecting to Unconditional Love

It is easy to say ‘accept yourself as you are’, and is perhaps for many the hardest part of the journey, which is why we have included tools and links which may assist you to connect with Unconditional Love.

There are many tools to assist – many, many, many  and we cannot tell you which tool is the right one for you, it would in some ways be great if we could do that, however it is for you to identify the tools and authors that resonate with you.

A few things to maybe remember, the search is for Love and joy, a journey that you want to enjoy for the most part, not a journey that takes away all the joy in your life!

  • Each author writing books on the subject writes at least in part of their own personal journey and what tools have helped them on the way. And if you read many of the well published authors, you will notice that they write about and offer more tools in their later works. Part of this is because the further they journey, the more open they become or perhaps the more aware they become of other tools.   I can recognise this myself on my journey, first there was a feeling of there is something more, then an opening presented itself when I took a Reiki course, which opened my awareness and led to me seeking other tools to discover ‘me’. Kerry.
  • Once the journey starts (or one becomes aware of the journey) every step is a step forward even though they sometimes don’t feel that way. I could at this point say the journey has been fantastic all the way, and whilst it has, it often did not look that way to me or to others. There has been a lot of pain, many, many, tears of pain and of joy. And I give thanks for where I am  every day (ok most days!). Once the awareness is there, it is there and that is always (for me) a gentle push forward.

Through this web site our aim is be be a resource for you, to be of assistance to you on your journey to Love, on your journey home to the real you.  The Love Wave is here help you to focus Love within you and outside of you (and maybe to the realisation there is no within and outside, they are all one).

Please join us in Love, each evening at 8 pm, to focus on Love. LIATI - Love Is All There Is