For Lovers

For your inner - and outer romantic

We will make Love an art, and make Love like artists.
Marianne Williamson

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Welcome to The Love Wave for Lovers.

Here we hope you can find a few resources for your romantic. and maybe look at what brings you together with – or keeps you at a distance from your partner. You can also sign up for Love Notes -for Lovers  a more romantic and fun series of weekly notes where we can also let our romantic kids come out and play a bit as well!

Romantic Love is the Love that inspires Poets, artists, song writers and many more and has done for centuries – and will continue to do so. And Romantic Love is fabulous, the feelings it brings with it, all the hormones it releases, and all the joy! where would the world be with it.

Romantic Love is fabulous on its own – and it can open the door to so much more, it can be the way to get to know yourself and your partner – and maybe the meaning of life!

Romantic Love is also the area where we often fall in and out of connection more often, where we go unconscious very easily. So there are some links, hints and tips to stoke the fires of Love, to keep the mirrors to your Soul bright and open, to allow Love to flow easily – just as it is meant to.

Because our partners tend to be fabulous mirrors for us, it is also the area that offers  potential for personal growth.

Please join us in Love, each evening at 8 pm, to focus on Love. LIATI - Love Is All There Is