Connecting the World in Love

Allow for change, allow for Love. However you feel now, loving or not so loving, loved or not so loved, allow for that to be OK, that it may be exactly where you need to be at this moment. Allow that in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days you can be somewhere totally different.

If you seek Love – simply give Love, Unconditional Love, be loving to others and to yourself. When you give it, do so without expectations, and be prepared – for anything. Also know that by truly loving one you are in some way loving all.

The purpose of The Love Wave

Whilst at one level there is no purpose, as Love has no purpose – Love just is, Love just exists.  In the same way Love is what each of us is, and when we remember that – miracles happen.

The intent of The Love Wave is to:

  • Create, nurture and grow a soothing wave of Love circulating around the Earth. The wave peaks at 8pm in each time zone as people consciously focus on Love. The wave increases in size each day as more and more people connect to it.
  • To encourage people to think about, feel and give Unconditional Love – for others – for everyone – and for themselves for a minute or two every day at 8pm.
  • Is to be a source of Love, to give Love and in this way to spread Unconditional Love around the world, for all to feel.

Love is energy – an energy that we can all feel and connect to. The more it is focused on, the more people that join in at 8pm, the more it will be felt by others.

The Love Wave is our way of getting the message out about Unconditional Love, and bringing pure Love for others and our “self” into consciousness. Unconditional Love is the ultimate healer.

What will it do?…………..

What could happen, if everyone on the planet focused on LOVE even for a minute a day, ….. Maybe, well ….. just imagine, imagine and allow.

The Love Wave is also about recognising the difference between what we often perceive as love (and have reinforced daily by the news media, tv, etc) and Unconditional Love. It is about giving and receiving Unconditional Love.

  • Love is a simple concept or so it seems at first. Often when we truly look at what we believe is Unconditional Love, it shows up to be full of conditions. Some are very obvious and often we are unaware of the conditions that are subconsciously there.
  • Unconditional Love is Love that says: I Love You, whoever you are, whatever you say, whatever you do. It is Love that gives with no expectation of receiving, no expectation of change or acknowledgement from outside oneself. It is Love that cannot be undermined by the actions or reactions of anyone else.

The Love Wave is about spreading the awareness of Unconditional Love, and also about the journey to the place within ourselves where we can give Love unconditionally and allow ourselves to receive it.

We recognise that it is easy to say the words “Give Love”, “Look at everything with Love”. Then actually being in that state, doing it, staying conscious to Love can be hard work (we know this from personal experience!!). Staying in Love is a journey, one that some seem to master easily, whilst others take it in smaller steps. The Love Wave is here to help you on your journey, to help you focus Love within you and outside of you (and maybe to the realisation that there is no within and outside, they are all one).

The Love Wave web site is a place where you can find resources and even advice which may assist you on your journey to creating a Loving existence, where you will always be welcomed with Love. The concepts and subjects covered as we delve more deeply into Love – of the Unconditional kind, include: seeing others – particularly those close to us as mirrors, the Inner Child, separation vs unity, loving others as we love ourselves, selfishness vs self responsibility and many more.

We ask you to remember that even though you may feel your journey to Love is your journey, it is in fact a shared journey. The steps each of us take along the path are steps for all others, we are all linked, we are all one. So we happily extend our hand to you and welcome you in Love. More…


Please join us in Love, each evening at 8 pm, to focus on Love. LIATI - Love Is All There Is