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Simply Living in Love

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There are many many people who are Living Love – sharing love on a day to day basis – this page is their showcase!

And to share ways of spreading Love of the unconditional kind around the world.

  • For reports and pictures of projects around the globe that members of The Love Wave have sent in or are participating in.  (In future The Love Wave wants to be able to sponsor some of these projects – so don’t be shy – let us have your nominations).
  • To feature ideas on how to spread Unconditional Love in the family, the community and around the world

So if you have a story of Unconditional Love in motion, or an idea that you would like to share, please use the button below. We will put a selection of stories on the site  and look forward to seeing this grow! The stories can be about Love on a personal level or where Love touches many, they can be about:- family, community, organisations, lovers, friends, companions, or across borders ……..

Please remember The Love Wave is about sharing Love to all sides (or not even seeing sides) so no advertising, evangelising,  nominations for people or organisations  fighting for….. waging war on, campaigning against, or pursuing a particular political or religious viewpoint to the exclusion of others.

There are many great organisations and individuals doing fantastic work – providing non judgmental Love and support to many people, in many ways and in many places around the world. We would Love to help spread awareness of their loving action.

The Peduli Sesama Helen Flavel Foundation is one organisation getting up and doing it without making a lot of fuss. This is a personal one for me (Kerry) as I have had the opportunity to visit and see the work they are doing, and meet some of the people they assist and the help they get from those people in return. The foundation was set up to help educate children growing up in poverty in the North of Bali, Indonesia. From humble beginnings they now have over 600 chlidren sponsored to help with their educational needs. The care they extend to the children goes further – to care for or provide a safety net for the families as well, (medical etc). As well as the sponsored children, they have now built a great learning centre, where kids come for part of the day to learn English, and other life skills – to empower the kids so they can see there are options for them in the future.


Nominate someone you know who is out there doing it!

Give them a pat on the back, give them some exposure.  BTW nothing will be published without their consent.


Please join us in Love, each evening at 8 pm, to focus on Love. LIATI - Love Is All There Is