Our Stories


The Love Wave is many things to me and is really “my baby”. Without Sonja it may not have come about, she has been the wind beneath my wings for it.
In some ways The Love Wave is about answering a call I have felt, and yet denied for many years, a call that I have something to give, to assist with reconciliation on a global scale – between countries, peoples, religions – and more.

It is a call I first heard and at the same time did not hear, shortly after my first Reiki attunement in 1997. By that, I mean I heard the call – understood there was something I could do,  but at the same time could not see what I could possibly do. The call continued on and off, sometimes weaker sometimes stronger, until I again embraced Reiki in 2008. This was the time I met Sonja – one of those little “coincidences” in life. Sonja introduced me to Tanran Reiki – and its open embracing of Love as the Universal Life Force.

Later I re-started (or maybe picked up the pace of ) my inner journey and Sonja attuned me to Reiki III. I continued working on me, until I was ready to embrace or step into Reiki as a master /teacher. The changes in my life as a result of that desicion were profound, far reaching and are still continuing today.
Sometime during late 2008 the idea of The Love Wave was born, thrown around for some time with little more than the basic email invitation to be part of it. Questions such as “how do we do this,” “how can we approach a web designer with a brief to build a site,” etc etc. seemed to overwhelm us.
Eventually I decided, that as we would have to write much of the content ourselves anyway, I would have a go at building – at least the initial site.
At that stage I felt it would be fairly simple – after all, I originally qualified as an engineer and worked with computers everyday. A web site is simply a collection of words and images – right?

Wrong – at least in this case.

What I was not prepared for was how much of a personal journey it would be putting it together – how much inner reflection (and growth)  would be involved. I mean all we are doing is putting out Unconditional Love – what could be simpler than that? I realised that for me – and for many others there is a journey involved in being able to get into, and stay in Unconditional Love – even for a while, let alone always being there!

So in part what you see here is some of my journey from a ‘straight down the line’ engineer – trained in logical thinking, feet firmly planted in the material world, to Reiki master/ teacher, KHT therapist and trainer, to someone who is passionate about empowerment of myself and others through finding and connecting with our hearts, and innermost being – connecting and living from the true self. This story will I know continue….

The Love Wave  and this web site will in part at least reflect my own journey, and will change as I move along my journey. It will always be a work in progress as each of us are always ‘works in progress’.

The above is more or less what appeared on the original web site, a site that proved too difficult to maintain and update on a regular basis, and that I now realise reflected me how I was in some ways unwilling to change or to make the effort to change.

Releasing some control – and maybe realising that I could not do it all myself, was another interesting step for me, trying to communicate to someone else what I saw – my vision, then putting the time in to bring it into being….. (one of my ‘mantras’ had always been it is easier to do it myself than explain or train someone else to do it – and I can now see how I have perpetuated that through my life).

The journey continues and the web site continues to grow, as do the number of people that are part of The Love Wave. I know that I need to keep growing in order for The Wave to grow and that is my commitment, to go to the places that challenge me and go to them with Love, in the name of Love. In order to become the World healer I am asked to become, I need to embrace and Love all parts – all sub my personalities, so I can allow my Rebel of Love to stand tall and stand true.


When Kerry first talked about the idea of sending a wave of Love around the globe I was positively thrilled – because I simply love Love. My highest “goal” in this lifetime is to be a complete expression of Love –
nothing more and certainly nothing less. The Love Wave to me is another avenue of being that expression of Love – as best as I can at any given moment. How, I don’t know yet. All I know is that I just keep showing up
and the rest will take care of itself.
Giving love equals receiving love and vice versa. I love that truth. From the first day we met, Kerry talked about bridging the gap, healing the divide between Nations, Religions, you name it – BIG goals. I admire him for that, and have witnessed and sensed his deep and sincere calling.

Kerry’s passion for The Love Wave convinced me, no, wrong, it actually truly and deeply inspired me and I feel deeply honoured to be part of his website and its loving energy. And there is so much of his essence,
unconditional LOVE, in these pages and words. If you ever get to meet him, you’ll know what I am talking about.

“When you want only Love you will see nothing else.” A Course in Miracles

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