Give Love @ 8

Imagine the effect of thousands of people around the world focusing on Love at 8 pm each night

Give Love @ 8 and ride The Love Wave

Add your Love intention to that of people throughout the world building and growing a wave of conscious Love circling the planet.

It’s easy and it will help raise your own energy! All you need to do is;

Set an alarm clock, your watch alarm, your mobile phone, computer (or anything else) for 8 pm, to remind you to
Give Love @ 8
then consciously connect with or focus on Love. You can simply

  • Say “I Love You” to someone
  • Say “I Love You” to yourself
  • Think Love –
    • Bring to mind someone you Love, focus on them and the feeling it brings, hold it in your mind then send loving thoughts to them
  • Open your heart and connect to Love
    • Bring to mind a place in nature that fills you with Love, allow the feeling to grow within you, then with thought intention send out Love.
      • Feel Love flowing through you, imagine Love flowing from your heart out into the world not to fix anything, just to Love.
  • Meditate on Love
  • Allow & accept Love even for just 60 seconds

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Is this you? Are you one who is willing to hold a vision for the world of Unconditional Love? 

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Give Love @ 8

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Please join us in Love, each evening at 8 pm, to focus on Love. LIATI - Love Is All There Is