Good to be with you – at last!

Ilove You In Heart

Good to be with you – at last!


Welcome – To the new web site for  The Love Wave and thank you for your visit, we really appreciate it.

Please have a look round the site, connect with the pages you wish, and let us know what you think either through the blog, email, or facebook.

It has been a huge journey getting the new site to this stage, and whilst there are still things to be done, content to be added etc, this is a good start, and it will grow from here, we are ready to Love and be Loved.

Please if you like what you see, share with your friends and like us on facebook.

What is new? There are more ways to share Love and so grow The Love Wave (and Give Love@8),  you can share Love notes, submit your own – we look forward to receiving them, ask The Wave questions on Love, get a ‘badge’ for your web site to show that you support Unconditional Love, Sign up for Love Notes for Lovers – for your romantic side – Love and fun are after all natural companions.

And it is great to be here in Love with a site that allows us to be interactive, and that can be easily updated.

And “Thank you” to Andrew Golightly for his assistance and patience in getting the new web site up and running.


LIATI – Love Is All There Is

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Please join us in Love, each evening at 8 pm, to focus on Love. LIATI - Love Is All There Is