Update to the vision for The Love Wave

Update to the vision for The Love Wave


Thank you for visiting The Love Wave, I hope you like what what you see, and it is time for me to update the depth of my true colours to the world. This vision is something that has been evolving since the Love wave first launched and is still growing and clarifying.

The Love Wave is about Love yes, but not just about romantic love although that of course can be beautiful and fuel change of itself.

The Love Wave is about spreading unconditional love, that is love without judgement to every one and anyone. It is possible to extend love even to those you don’t like (or actions you do not approve of)

The Love wave is also an invitation to take a higher view, to view from the heart rather than from the head which is conditioned to judge, right or wrong, good, bad etc and also to look at things from another’s perspective, so gain understanding of what it would be to live life in another’s shoes.

The Love wave is part of my life’s purpose:

  • To Spread Love throughout the world,
  • To bring Love into the hearts of people (irrespective of gender, race, creed, colour political persuasion or any other imaginary boundary that society tends to put around people)
  • To ‘build bridges’ between different groups, religions, races, countries etc
  • To raise awarenesses and consciousness.
  • To bring into awareness the concept of conscious evolution.
  • To help people understand, and maybe take up the viewpoint of Oneness – that we all people are one, and that we are in fact closely connected (part of the same living system) to everything else living on Earth – including the planet itself.

In this way to help preserve the planet, to nurture the planet that we call home, the planet that nurtures and supports us, despite what we do to the planet.

What I am trying to put across or bring awareness to is a holistic approach to changing the world, yes I acknowledge – it is a big goal. And I have a part -whether big or small, to play in the change.

It is also my belief that all of us have within ourselves a part that KNOWS the right way to treat others and to treat the world so that we can help preserve the planet and bring about a more peaceful loving way of being for future generations.

This purpose underlays my ‘interactions’ with the larger community, whether through The Love Wave, Tanran Reiki (more directly about raising consciousness at an individual level), Its all about balance, (my newly launched healing services – helping and empowering people to connect with themselves -who they are, and take responsibility for their health), Men Of Spirit (a group to empower and lift consciousness of men), and Sea Rovers (my dive business in Bali which helps people have fun, but also brings them into awareness of the undersea world and how we need to preserve and appreciate that environment).

When we look at the world and society today we can easily see many things that could be ‘better’ – at a local level as well as at an international level and planetary level. I believe we are being asked to look at all these ‘problems’ in a new way- from the loving inclusive point of view rather than a combative point of view.

The combative approach -the use of force, mental, physical, or emotional is often the normal way to get things done. When we see something we don’t like (at a personal level or governmental level) the tendency is to go to ‘war’ against it whether it is another country, terror, or cancer, drugs, mining, … the list of wars against or fights against is endless. Then of course there are statement like, “I fight with myself over this issue” – these are all manifestations of separation.

The past few thousand years have proven that this approach does not often (if ever yield the permanent results wished for) – Wars often leave smouldering sores ready to erupt again in another generation. When someone challenges a belief we often tend to rise and argue against them, which can then easily get out of hand, and often results in a hardening of the belief – ours and theirs. When we exert force against something, it is almost as if we are asking the something to resist us, so we can prove ourselves stronger. The use of force often leads to an escalation in tension or conflict rather than a calming effect. – Think about it for yourself.

At this point in our history we are being asked to Love things back into wholeness to dissolve the separateness and the separatist point of view an all things. Some of the things you may not like about the world such as coal mining, the use of plastic bags, the treatment of animals that are intensively ‘farmed’ for food or products (milk, eggs etc), oil pollution from offshore oil drilling, the treatment of refugees etc etc, maybe they are all just symptoms of the same dis-ease that springs from separation (“that’s their problem not mine”, “I don’t care about how gas fracking affects land and drinking water in rural areas as long as I get cheap power and gas” …etc.

And in finishing this post, what can we do at an individual level? Maybe ask ourselves “what am I doing to perpetuate this issue?” – Does my desire to buy commodity ‘X’ at the cheapest price, or conveniently packaged in plastic.

Or does does my desire for the cheapest possible milk come from love? When it comes at the price of herds of cows being housed in appalling conditions, having their calves forcibly removed soon after birth, producing tonnes of toxic waste which pollutes water ways and soil, causes offensive odours for kilometres around, and masses of greenhouse gasses. Is that a loving choice and could it have anything to do with global warming or pollution of the planet?.

We have a choice we can start to rediscover our connectedness to, and to honour nature and the planet (something our ancestors were aware of and many indigenous people are still), or we can continue to sacrifice nature and the planet upon the altar of the $. Unless we start to rediscover connectedness -oneness and start to interact with the planet out of Love the world we leave future generations will be very very different.

Choosing reconnection will be a journey of the heart, honouring nature, the earth and beyond not in the superstitious way with blood sacrifices and fear our distant ancestors did, but from awareness that we are one, and that Love is the key, loving ourselves and everything else as if were (as it is) part of us.

Namaste. Keiron

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